Exhibitor News

Exhibitor News

  • Wireless HMI: Flexible, Efficient and Safety to go

    09 Jan 2020 SIGMATEK Automation UK Ltd
    The wireless HGW 1033 series offers a wide range of variants for the flexible operation of machines and systems. Whether standard models or with safety functions such as emergency stop, confirmation b ...
  • IO-Link – The Ideal Solution

    07 Jan 2020 Katie Askham
    IO-Link impresses first time users with the many installation advantages, as well as the enormous cost and time saving values. The intelligent combination of industrial networking with the IO-Link com ...
  • Sense, Sort & Send Machine Data with Brainboxes Industrial Edge Controller

    Brainboxes industrial I/O modules and the recently released Industrial Edge Controller allow businesses to efficiently sense, sort, and send machine data; minimising costly downtime, speeding up response times and ultimately maximising profit.

    Thermal Integration Ltd, a UK heating equipment manufacturer, went up against large incumbents to win the bid to design and install in a council-owned residential building in a London borough. The existing control panel was described as a “£250,000 on/off switch.” Thermal Integration were able to offer a new £5,000 panel that not only controlled the heating exchange but also allowed remote monitoring via a cloud-based application.

  • PI UK is an official supporter of The Smart Industry series of Conferences and Exhibitions, a series of events launched, in the words of the organisers, to "address and unravel the vast array of conflicting information around 4IR, discussing the practicalities, technologies and issues surrounding transition and implementation of digitalisation in manufacturing across key market sectors in clear and concise language."

    More about PI: and

    More about PI UK:

  • It’s easy to get swept away with the hype and lose track of what issues you are trying to solve it with technology. That’s something that Control 2K has been overcoming for the last 20 years. We are very much centred around the manufacturing sector and are always using technology to provide the answers for the common issues such as:

    • Collect data from sources throughout the production areas
    • Driving Process improvement by acting upon production data
    • Provide Optimised Manufacturing opportunities through Digitised Data

    Industreweb 4.0 is a manufacturing platform to join, rather than replace, existing technologies, with an emphasis on flexibility and scalability, Industreweb is the "glue" between systems.

    Industreweb connects to all your sources of data providing real-time monitoring and decision making via its high-speed logic engine. It supports a wide range of interface standards such as OPC, ASi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, along with native support for most common PLC’s - Siemens S7, Rockwell / AB, Omron and Schneider. 

    For more details at: 

    We are also working to connect shopfloor systems in the DIGICOR Project. Check out the work at

  • Sorion’s Guided Assembly Solutions have been designed to maximise quality and prevent mistakes in manual parts picking and assembly tasks.

  • Help is available on the path to Industry 4.0

    04 Apr 2018 Applied Automation

    Many manufacturers will have already considered automating repetitive or intricate tasks. 

    A fair few however, particularly SMEs, are yet to take those first steps. 

    A lack of knowledge and awareness of the specific benefits to be gained is one such barrier. 

    A common misconception is that a huge investment is required. Adoption can and should be done in stages. Often legacy machines will not need replacing but can be adapted.

    X-STK are experts in control and automation products. As a division of Applied Automation with over 30 years of machine building experience, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help SMEs find a sensible path towards Industry 4.0 adoption.

  • Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Corevist, SAP eCommerce solutions provider, today announced their partnership to create an integration with SAP for variant configuration in eCommerce web portals.

    Corevist clients with an SAP-integrated webshop can now sell their highly configurable products directly to customers in a web portal. Using Configit’s configuration engine and core Virtual Tabulation™ technology, 

  • As you may or may not know EMAS manufacture and supply 50mm and 70mm diameter Light Towers. A 90dB buzzer can also be added should an audibleâ alert be required. EMAS Stand S230

  • The award for ‘Digital Engineering / Technology’, for which we have been shortlisted recognises the company that has best used or developed software, technology or technical processes to solve problems and add value to customers.

  • Codra supports its clients as they go for digital transition by providing a global, interconnected SCADA platform. We have moved on from vertical integration of software packages, for it's time for the 360â° approach where systems communicate and interact with each other.

  • UK based IoT systems integrator, InVMA, today announced the launch of AssetMinder, its turnkey asset performance management solution.

    Companies can now securely connect to all of their assets and use their data with cloud-based analytics to improve the reliability and availability of their assets, minimise total cost of ownership, and reduce operational risks for all their types of asset.

    The launch builds on underlying IoT trends within the industrial and manufacturing industry to move towards a proactive performance strategy for assets, which supports multi-vendor asset portfolios removing latent integration issues.


    Customers across any industry can now monitor and manage data from all types of sensors for properties such as location, level, temperature, moisture, humidity or flow and be alerted when pre-determined thresholds have been met. Key benefits include:

    • Asset health management provides a unified view of the asset, virtually anytime, anywhere, to understand equipment performance and extend life.
    • Improved asset reliability predicts equipment issues so maintenance activities can automatically be generated to remedy them at low impact times and avert costly unplanned downtime.
    • Increased asset availability through continual monitoring and reporting, decisions about delaying or bringing forward planned maintenance are made with solid information and not reliance on ‘average duty’ schedules. 
    • Reduced costs. AssetMinder enables companies to keep track of spare parts, work orders, asset conditions and other critical data needed to make smart financial decisions regarding the management of key assets. For instance, AssetMinder reduces the amount of consumables stock that needs to be held as this can be automatically tracked and reordered through a workflow.


    A flexible solution

    AssetMinder is offered as a flexible hardware/software solution which includes connecting to assets using virtually any standard or proprietary protocol and also allows for the support of purely analogues signals too. InVMA have focused on what they do best and used best of breed to develop the solution. AssetMinder is powered by PTC’s ThingWorx platform and secured by Device Authority’s KeyScaler solution. InVMA’s hardware gateway, is manufactured by AAEON and provides connectivity to the platform.

    “We’ve found customers today want a complete solution that allows them to monitor their multi-age, multi-vendor and multi-category asset estate and is easy to implement, open, scalable, secure and extremely affordable,” states Pat Nash, managing director, InVMA.

    “We’ve responded with AssetMinder. Through a flexible SaaS pricing model and minimal on-going IT impact, the solution is easy to implement and accessible to even small companies.”

    How it works

    The customer assets are connected, via serial, USB or Ethernet port or analogue or digital I/O, to the AssetMinder Gateway. The Gateway monitors the data from the asset (and its own location), stores it and identifies when a data parameter has moved versus a completely configurable set of rules. The data pay load (up or down) is secured and sent to AssetMinder via 3G/2G where it is historised. The information is then displayed in a user-configurable dashboard which is displayed on a web-browser. Alerts via SMS, Voice or email can be configured.

    “Building on 20+ years OT experience, we’ve removed the interoperability challenges that most other asset monitoring solutions experience,” explains Pat.

    Customer quote

    Following a successful pilot, critical power company, P & I is using AssetMinder. Alan Blair, Operations Director, P & I, comments:

    “The AssetMinder solution from InVMA has enabled us to offer our customers a highly proactive, predictive approach to maintenance with unprecedented insight into asset performance. Remote, real-time analysis of generator and UPS performance is transformed into business critical information for our customers and heralds a new support model for P&I.”

    White label

    AssetMinder is also offered as a fully customisable white label solution for other companies to take to market. By using this innovative technology, companies can avoid costly development and simply deploy an off-the shelf, fully configured and pre-tested architecture.

    AssetMinder is available immediately.

  • Control and automation specialist, X-STK | Applied Automation, will showcase leading secure, remote access products from Secomea on 10, 11, 12 April at the Smart Industry Expo in hall 10 on stand S140 at the NEC in Birmingham.

    A live demo of the Secomea unit on the stand will show how easy it is to access a remote machine securely. This can then be monitored for preventative maintenance, diagnose faults and to update firmware. This can significantly reduce downtime and travel costs.

  • The versatility of cobots

    27 Mar 2018 Applied Automation

    Control and automation specialist, X-STK | Applied Automation will highlight the versatility of the hugely popular collaborative robot (cobot) with a number of add-on products that are now available at the Smart Industry Expo on 10, 11, 12 April, in hall 10 of the NEC in Birmingham on stand S140.

    Visitors will be able to speak to experienced staff about their needs and to explore the potential for an automated solution that works for them.

    With two Universal Robots, each with grippers, an OptoForce force touch sensor and a fixed and a mobile robot station/platform to carry out pick and place operations, this is an excellent opportunity to learn what collaborative robots are capable of.

    There will also be live demos of Secomea’s secure remote access solution to help reduce downtime through monitoring and preventative maintenance all carried out remotely.

  • EMAS is proud to include the Industrial "22mm" standard capacitive touch “button”. This innovative touch “button” when powered, is illuminated by a Green led ring highlighting the button, and shows positive operation by changing colour to red when the output is operational.

  • After the successful launch of our 15 x 20mm and 20 x 25mm Cable Chain, we are now manufacturing a 40 x 60mm version which is now available and in stock..

  • Capula was an award winner at the Dalkia 2018 International Trade Seminar Awards last week in Paris that brought together representatives from EDF Dalkia from across the globe.

  • Configit A/S, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced the launch of a new solution for configuration data integration within SAP Hybris eCommerce solution. Combining Configit’s powerful configuration engine and VT technology with Hybris eCommerce creates a dynamic new configuration platform for B2B sellers of complex, configurable products.

    Selling complex configurable products requires the ability to pull pricing and configuration data from multiple sources with no lag time. Creating an integrated platform that enables instantaneous pricing results in faster checkout processes and more sales.

    “We created this solution in response to increasing demands from our partners and customers,” said Lars Dyrløv Madsen, Partner Manager, Configit A/S. “Our customers challenged us to apply our technology to this important segment of the B2B marketplace.”

    Configit’s SAP VC integration captures all SAP VC and pricing data without altering it, allowing customers to upload data back into SAP with no re-writing of configuration rules. This integration creates a seamless user experience, with Hybris managing the customer interface and shopping cart, while Configit’s configuration technology provides configuration and pricing data through a REST API.

  • Capula will showcase its OPUS manufacturing apps at Smart Industry Expo. The OPUS apps have been designed to provide organisations of any size access to actionable insight and to manage a range of operational functions through a single, integrated interface.

    OPUS is built on PTC’s ThingWorx IoT development platform. Visitors to Smart Industry Expo will be able to see a demonstration of the system using live data from a range of IoT-enabled sources. 

  • The Knowledge Hub seminar line-up at the forthcoming co-located events; Smart Industry Expo, Drives & Controls, Air-Tech, Fluid Power & Systems, and Plant & Asset Management Exhibitions, has secured some the UK’s leading voices on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • The biennial co-located events; Drives & Controls, Smart Industry Expo, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and Air-Tech Exhibitions – are once again set to return to Birmingham’s NEC  (Halls 8, 9 and 10) from 10th -12th April 2018, alongside MACH 2018.

  • Sorion have built a bespoke, line integrated end of line test system capable of testing two variants of the new Range Rover rear armrest

  • Smart Industry Expo Preview 2018

    28 Feb 2018 Harting Limited

    At Smart Industry Expo, HARTING is demonstrating its range of automation solutions for improving the efficiency of manufacturing logistic processes based on the concepts of Integrated Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) (Stand S244).

    HARTING’s approach to smart manufacturing is based on the addition of intelligence to manufacturing processes with the aim of achieving a high level of connectivity, visibility, awareness, and adaptability at all stages in the supply chain.  By enhancing users’ processes with RFID technology, HARTING makes it possible to implement solutions that deliver real profitability gains without the need for re-engineering already proven, stable manufacturing processes.

    The two key elements of HARTING’s approach are machine-to-machine communications and manufacturing logistics. Machine-to-machine communications is typically concerned with the transmission of information obtained from the monitoring of production equipment to improve diagnostics and to enable effective preventative maintenance.

    Manufacturing logistics replaces the existing supply chain management model with the use of intelligent systems to implement functions such as supplying the line with discrete and accurate quantities of materials; ensuring goods flow on a “just in time” schedule, and faithfully tracking assets and inventory in the warehouse and in transit.

  • Sorion’s Pick-to-Light, guided assembly and EOL testing technologies implemented to minimise errors and improve productivity on KAB Seating’s new production line