Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • Baud rates from 110 to 921,600 Simple installation Works where many USB to serial converters do not Brainboxes proven software drivers, enable the serial port to behave just like a real COM port attac ...
  • A range of metal cased switches ready for industrial applications & unmanaged switches ready for embedded applications Hardened Ethernet Switches: The 5 port SW-705 and 8 port SW-708 are hardened unma ...
  • Power Over Ethernet/ 1 & 2 Port DB9/ 4 & 8 Port DB9/ 1 & 2 Port Terminal Block Allows communication between a serial enabled device and a computer anywhere on the local network, or anywhere in the wor ...
  • Brainboxes Remote IO devices are available as Digital IO, Relay, Analogue IO or Thermocouple, controlled over Ethernet using a range of protocols. In both industrial and commercial/light industrial fo ...
  • Prototype on a Pi and deploy seamlessly to industry. Industrial Edge Controller, powered by an industrialised Raspberry Pi and Arduino Multiple connections, built in UPS for power management Comes wit ...
  • Try the IXrouter for yourself - 30 days on trial

    Test the IXrouter and all features of the IXON Cloud. Experience remote access to your machines in just a few minutes!

    Everything included for testing - IXrouter3 with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G connection. Manual and all accessories to safely connect your machine to the IXON Cloud.

    Installation is a piece of cake. Our support department or your local sales manager are always there if you have special whishes or questions.

  • IXagent: The software agent for IXON Cloud

    Securely connect any device to the IXON Cloud

    Install the IXagent on your controller and connect these, without any additional hardware, directly to IXON Cloud. Gain instant access to all IXON Cloud features like remote VPN access, data logging and alarming. Save money and time by choosing the robust IXagent for a secure and lifelong connection to IXON Cloud.

  • IXrouter: The edge gateway to IXON Cloud

    Plug & Play connection between machine and IXON Cloud

    Connect your machine controls, HMI, robots and all other industrial devices in your machine to the LAN side of the IXrouter. As soon as the IXrouter has access to the internet, it registers itself on the IXON Cloud. Now you have instant access to all remote access and IoT features for fast service and advanced data analysis.

  • World's first no-code IIoT platform

    IXON Cloud is ready for immediate use and suits every machine builder. Whether you're looking for a remote access solution, want to gain insight into machine data or set up your own IIoT platform.

    With its extensive features, IXON offers a complete, proven and secure solution. The integrated connectivity ensures a perfectly seamless collaboration between device and IXON Cloud.

  • Lower costs with Balluff IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs