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    Welcome to Smart Industry Expo 2018


    Smart Industry Expo 2018 is the ideal opportunity for visitors seeking to learn about components to prepare for this smart era as well as being able to discuss a wide range of issues from components to Predictive Maintenance 4.0, Logistics 4.0, and smart grid technologies.

    Other areas covered include: components for IT-based automation solutions that will bring fundamental change to all in-factory processes, IT security, as well as smart technologies that manage and coordinate power, gas and heat networks so that capacity can be balanced and optimally deployed across the entire energy system – integrated energy, plus much more.

    The event will cover all sectors of industry from industrial automation and energy to predictive maintenance, supply, power transmission & control and R&D.

    Running alongside will be a comprehensive three-day seminar programme where key industry leaders will explore the various strategies and opportunities that can help UK manufacturers transform to a smart era. Topics covered will range from: smart components, automation components and artificial intelligence, to cloud computing, cyber security, Logistics 4.0, Predictive Maintenance 4.0, real time monitoring & controls, sensor technology and software, plus much more.

    Leading associations who are actively involved in promoting smart technologies and strategies will also be supporting the 2018 inaugural event, and participating in the seminar programme

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